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製品の形名を選択してください。例)AG10、AR10、AC10 等

Please provide the serial number of the product. The serial number is located on the nameplate on the bottom of the device.

問題が発生日時を具体的に記載してください。例)2022/12/1 10:30~10:40 の間




GUI の機器情報に記載されている FW バージョン、または、CLI の amsh から show firmware コマンドで表示される情報を記載してください。 記載例:amnimo G series AG10 version 1.4.2 build 14946

If a problem occurs, please provide details such as date and time of occurrence, number of occurrences, and current status. Also, please attach a log to facilitate our response. (You can attach up to 20 MB of the log.) Please refer to this page for information on how to obtain logs.< >.

The personal information you enter may be used to the extent necessary to carry out information, provision, and maintenance of products, products, and services, information on various seminars, various questionnaires, and recruitment of recruitment. For more information about our "Personal Information Protection Policy", please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy page < >.

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